Board of Directors

Gabriel Calderon


Gabriel Calderon (a.k.a Angelus Kalen) has been on the Jedi Path for over a decade. He runs a successful offline group - the Chicago Jedi. He has also trained several padawans to the rank of knights. As the President of the Jedi Federation, Gabriel guides the Board in meeting the needs of its membership.

Crystal Neumann

Vice President

Crystal Neumann (a.k.a Diamond Shank) first learned of the Jedi Path through her son. Finding her own place with the Jedi, she became a knight in 2016 and leads the Indy Jedi. As the Vice President of the Jedi Federation, Crystal oversees the incorporation and activities of Chapters and Affiliates.

Ross Greenberg

Director of Administration

Ross Greenberg (a.k.a Raphael Ben Raven) sees the Jedi Path as an extention of his training in martial arts, which started over 40 years ago. He went on to open and run his own dojo, training many who walked through those doors. As the Director of Administration of the Jedi Federation, Ross ensures the organization is operating smoothly.

Alethea Thompson

Director of Education

Alethea Thompson (a.k.a Setanaoko) is well known among Force Realist communities having participated in several forums and groups. She founded the Heartland Jedi located in South Carolina as well as co-founded Armonia Seminary. As the Directof of Education of the Jedi Federation, Alethea oversees the training programs and Knighthood Process.

Jack Troutman

Director of Community

Jack Troutman, while relatively new to the Jedi communities, is no stranger to the Jedi Path. He founded the Kentucky Jedi where he uses his compassionate nature to enrich the spirit of those around him. As the Director of Community of the Jedi Federation, Jack tends to the general welfare of the membership.